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The Barn and Retreat Center at Boyds Mills features many spaces for gathering and working across the property.

The Main Barn

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  • The main gathering place on campus, where most meals are served and events take place
  • Built around the foundation of a late 1800’s Dairy Barn
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 60 people for a meal (5000 Square feet)
  • Outdoor stone patio and fireplace with seating
  • Loft hangout overlooking the main room
  • Auxiliary rooms including a space with couches and a library
  • In house sound system; A/V Capable
  • See more photos of the interior, exterior, and other spaces.
Main Barn

Barn Interior

Work and Gathering Spaces

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Art Coop InteriorThe Art Coop

Shared space with drawing tables and a selection of art supplies available for use.  The structure was converted from a chicken coop.

The GranaryThe Granary

Shared space with leather couches, end tables, and work areas.  The structure was converted from a granary, or animal feed storehouse.

Workspace in the LodgeThe Lodge’s Living Room

Shared space with couches, end tables, and work areas within the lodge.  24/7 refreshments and a coffee maker are available here.


Farmhouse PorchThe Farmhouse Porch

Shared space with a large table and chairs.  Accessible through the Farmhouse.

Loft in the main barnAuxiliary Spaces in the Barn

The Barn has several spaces and rooms adjacent to it, including an outdoor patio with fireplace, a loft with couches and desks, a library, and a living room.  Some include food service options.

Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Stone Patio with SeatingMain Barn Patio

Adjacent to the Main Barn, with seating and a fireplace.  Ideal for gathering, s’mores, and enjoying the outdoors.

Old-Fashioned BarnOld-Fashioned Barn

Historical wooden horse barn built in the 1900’s.
Provides some shelter in case of mildly inclement weather.
We can set up seating here and some foodservice options here.


Outdoors in the beauty of nature along our babbling brook, Calkins Creek.
You are surrounded by nature so there is no shelter here.
Use is weather permitting.

Word GardenThe Word Garden

The “Word Garden” is our picturesque rock garden, surrounded by woods and restful spots to take it all in. This location is very close to the main Barn and cabins.

It is a nod to our roots in Children’s Literature, and the reason this center was founded (the Highlights Foundation and Highlights for Children). Many of the rocks included are by way of donations by members of the Highlights Foundation community.