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3+ Nights Starting at $500 with Meals Included

Creativity is all You Need at the Barn at Boyds Mills

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If you’re on a deadline and looking for a space to focus, you’ve found it. If you need a change of pace to spark creativity and passion, it’s here.  If you need a break from distractions to reflect or get some work done, we can help.

A personal retreat at the Barn and Retreat Center at Boyds Mills will give you the time and space you need to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.  Every accommodation option includes a personal workspace, and you’ll find various spaces around the grounds to get work done or take a nature walk if you need a change of pace or some inspiration.

They’re great for writers, business people, creatives, and anyone else who needs a focused yet relaxing retreat in a beautiful setting that’s still close to Northeastern US cities.

Looking for retreats and workshops with schedules, lectures, and feedback?

See online and in-person workshop options for children’s authors and illustrators with the Highlights Foundation.

Working Solo at a Picnic Table“Hard to put into words but the whole experience was magical. Being in a nurturing bubble, totally immersed in writing was amazing. No newspapers, no TV, no laundry to do or meals to cook, just writing.”All meals and food are included.  You can choose to eat in a group setting if others are on the property, or you can take your meals back to your room.

You can also bring colleagues, friends, or family members to retreat with you.  Some rooms can accommodate more than one person for sleeping, or we can work with you to situate your accommodations close together.  Small groups can schedule a small group retreat, and groups of 10+ can schedule a large group retreat.

Personal Retreat Scheduling

3+ day personal retreats are available starting at $500 all inclusive.

These dates are likely available this winter*:
Monday, February 7-Sunday, February 13
Tuesday, March 1-Sunday, March 20
After April 1

*Please note: We need a minimum of six people on site to remain open for personal retreats.  During the slower winter months, we may or may not meet that threshold.  We project that we’ll meet that threshold on the days listed above, so will likely be open during those times for single personal retreaters.  When you request dates in the comments during registration, we will get back to you with details, and can suggest alternate time frames if necessary.  You could also bring your own small group of 6 or more at any time.

  • Please note your desired arrival/departure days in the comments when registering (or contact us to check availability). We will do our best to accommodate, and get back to you right away.
  • Minimum stay is 3 nights at $500; each additional night is $150.
  • A 7-night stay is available for $1,000 (a savings of $100).
  • Check-in time on arrival day is 2pm EST.  Check-out time on departure day is 1pm EST.  Meal service begins with dinner on your arrival day, and ends with lunch on your departure day.

If’ you’d like details for a group of personal retreaters, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Confirm Availability and Book Now

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